Map service and map editor

Floor plans form the core of the software and serve as a visual interface for easy selection of different objects. Have your floor plans prepared by our specialists and benefit from a high-quality and consistent presentation, or simply upload your own maps yourself.

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Flexopus workstation booking system

Standard and premium cards

With Flexopus, you can choose between standard or premium maps as floor plans or floor plans. Standard cards are any image files that you upload to the software and mark bookable objects in it. Premium maps are vector-based graphics that are created by our specialists for a fee.

CUSTOM cards

Handmade premium cards

Premium maps in Flexopus are created by our graphics specialists based on a sketch of your room and object layout. The vector-based floor plans not only ensure faster loading time and improved usability. They also integrate seamlessly with the Flexopus look and feel and guarantee an optimal user experience.


Standard maps for quick start

Standard maps can be any image files that you can upload yourself. Bookable objects such as workstations are simply marked on the image so that users can click on them at a later date. With this alternative, you can easily and quickly create floor plans yourself if you want to get started right away. Standard cards can also be converted to premium cards later on.


Map editor for more flexibility

With the intuitive Flexopus map editor, you can easily edit maps yourself using drag & drop. In addition to adding, moving and removing objects such as workstations, meeting rooms or parking spaces, cards can be enriched with special objects such as emergency exits, coffee kitchens, etc. Although these special objects are not clickable, they improve navigation on the map.

Flexopus note!

Both standard and premium maps are supported by our map editor. However, standard maps only allow you to change the positions of objects on the map. With premium cards, you can also edit desks, meeting rooms and parking spaces as well as special objects such as furniture, printers or texts. A standard card allows you to start the application quickly and is practical with a small number of objects. However, for long-term use, we recommend switching to premium cards to increase the usability and acceptance of the application.

Modified Image
The Modified
Photo of Taipei 101
in Taiwan
Original Image
The Original
Photo of Taipei 101
In Taiwan
Modified ImageOriginal Image
standard plan
premium plan
vector-based floor plans

Why premium cards?

Your team uses Flexopus on a daily basis. The improved user experience of Flexopus with premium cards is therefore an important factor for acceptance and satisfaction with the application.
  • Standardised format
  • Vector-based graphics
  • Objects can be edited
  • Furniture, texts and objects
  • User-friendly look & feel
Why premium cards
Flexopus card service

Flexopus CARD service

We are happy to create and import your premium cards into the Flexopus desk sharing software for you, guaranteed within a few days. All we need is a sketch of your room and object layout.
Send a floor plan
You can send us the floor plans in any format. (JPG, PNG, DWG, CAD, sketch, etc.)
Flexopus card team
Our graphics specialists translate your floor plans into premium maps.
Ready in a few days
Your premium cards will be ready for you in your Flexopus instance within a few days.

More than just desks and rooms!

Flexopus premium cards don't just include rooms, desks or parking spaces. Other objects such as printers, kitchens, toilets, dog baskets or fitness rooms also help to orient yourself in the office. With the map editor, you can place all items on the premium cards. There are no limits to your imagination.

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Markus Merkle
Sales manager

Flexopus map editor

With the Flexopus map editor, you can make changes yourself on both standard and premium cards. This eliminates the need to contact our customer service whenever there is a change.
Add and remove
With the map editor, various objects can be added or removed: workstations, parking spaces, furniture, texts, etc.
Move objects
With the interactive map editor, objects can be moved easily and simply by dragging and dropping.
Publish changes
Once saved, the changes are published within a few seconds.


shared desk reservations in calendar view
Desks & workstations
With the map editor, you can easily manage bookable objects such as workstations, parking spaces and meeting rooms via drag & drop.
shared desk reservations in calendar view
Meeting rooms
Booked items can easily be integrated into the calendars of most providers, such as Outlook, Google, Apple and many more.
shared desk reservations in calendar view
Library furniture
In addition to the bookable objects, static objects from the prefabricated object list can also be used to fully represent the office.
shared desk reservations in calendar view
Special objects
You can also use special objects to place abstract information on the map. For example: printer, fire extinguisher, shower, trash can, dog basket, etc. there are no limits to your imagination.
shared desk reservations in calendar view
Move & position objects
Have you changed the arrangement of objects in the office? Bookable objects can be easily moved in the map editor.
shared desk reservations in calendar view
Copy and paste
New objects can be easily created using copy & paste. You can also select and paste multiple objects at once.
shared desk reservations in calendar view
Edit text
With our map editor, you can also change the lettering on premium cards. Name individual offices, floors, or conference rooms, for example.
shared desk reservations in calendar view
Reservation protection
Edit your objects worry-free! Flexopus checks in the background whether there are already reservations for the object and blocks a change if there are bookings.
Flexopus TIP

Intelligent evaluations

All data that we collect in the Flexopus booking software is made available to you in processed form in the Smart Analytics Dashboard. The analysis of this historical data provides important insights into the utilization of your space.
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