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Workplace booking

What is a flexible workplace?

In contrast to fixed workplaces, flexible workplaces are not only used by one person. Employees can therefore freely and flexibly decide at which desk they want to work at every day. As a result, workplaces are no longer personalized, but are shared by several people or even the entire workforce.

What is desk sharing or hot desking?

Desk sharing (also known as “hot desking”, “shared desk”, “flexible office”) is a workplace organization concept in which employees can freely decide at which workplace they want to sit. Desk sharing is often introduced in conjunction with home office in order to make better use of workplaces or to save space capacity in the long term. It is therefore common in desk sharing that there are fewer workplaces than employees.

What is a workplace booking system?

With a workplace booking system (also known as “desk sharing software”), employees can book flexible workstations in the office. Desk sharing software enables the smooth organization of flexible workplaces. The system shows which seats are available and when and helps to coordinate bookings. The Flexopus workplace booking system also supports the analysis of office utilization.

How does Flexopus desk sharing software work?

Flexopus makes it easy, intuitive and quick to book flexible workstations, meeting rooms and parking spaces in just three steps:

1. Select a period
2. Select location or floor
3. Select a workplace/Book

Can you only book workstations with Flexopus?

In addition to booking Shared desks Does the Flexopus hot desking software also allow you to reserve meeting rooms and parking spaces. In principle, with Flexopus, any object can be booked flexibly, as long as it can be displayed visually.

Can Flexopus be integrated with Microsoft Outlook?

Yes, Flexopus can be integrated into the Microsoft Outlook calendar via email booking confirmation and an attached.ics file. As a result, every booking is automatically transferred to the personal calendar. In addition to the Microsoft Outlook calendar, Flexopus .ics bookings can also be integrated into all other popular calendar applications such as the Google or Apple calendar.

In addition to booking confirmations, you can also use our Microsoft Outlook plugin install. Our Microsoft Outlook plugin is also officially listed as a Microsoft Outlook add-in: Outlook Plugin Store

Can I measure and analyze office utilization with Flexopus?

Thanks to Smart analytics features With Flexopus, you can analyze the workload of your entire office down to individual workstations in just a few clicks, identify overcrowding or underoccupancy at an early stage and take appropriate measures.

Support and contact

How can I get in touch with Flexopus?

You can email us from Monday to Friday at, by telephone at the number +49 711 342 085 05, via contact form or on our social media channels instagram, or linkedin achieve. Our employees will then get back to you as soon as possible.

You can also Book an appointment with us directly.

Alternatively, you can also, by making an appointment, to stuttgart visit in person.

Where can I report a bug?

If you discover a bug in our software, you can find it at submit. Our IT department will then get back to you as soon as possible and solve the problem.

What information is needed to get started with Flexopus?

To get started with Flexopus, we need you to provide us with the number of workstations and floors that you would like to make flexible bookings. We also need the floor plans of your business premises with marked workplaces and meeting rooms. Last but not least, we need your logo and your desired subdomain. If all information is available, your instance will be set up and operational for you within a few working days.

How do the cards get into Flexopus and can you make changes to them?

Your floor plans will be digitized by our team of experienced graphic designers based on the submitted data. This enables us to provide consistent quality and a flawless user experience in Flexopus. Changes to the maps can either be made by us or made by yourself in the admin area.

How does the onboarding process work with Flexopus?

After your instance has been set up, you will receive a link to accept the software and an introduction by our employees. We also support you in introducing the Flexopus Hot Desking Solution in your company with templates for change communication and a handbook.

What happens when my company grows and I need more flexible workspaces?

Flexopus is scalable software that grows with your business. Should you need additional workstations or floors, you can contact us at any time and we will make a map change for you or create an additional floor plan. At the end of the billing period, the additional costs incurred are settled in a final statement - similar to electricity or gas providers.

Is there a demo version of Flexopus that I can show to my colleagues?

Yes, there is a demo version of Flexopus. Please get in touch with us about this.

Technical details

How does the SSO (Single Sign On) integration between Google or Microsoft and Flexopus work?

With single sign-on via Google or Microsoft, users do not have to create a new user account. Instead, the data is transferred directly to Flexopus the first time you log in via a SAML2 or OAuth2.0 interface. This means that users do not have to be invited individually to Flexopus.

What data can be synchronized from Microsoft ADFS or Microsoft Azure Active Directory to Flexopus?

In addition to names and email addresses, other attributes such as job titles or department affiliations can also be synchronized with Flexopus in real time thanks to SAML2. This has the advantage that your employees' data only needs to be managed in one place (the company's Active Directory).

About the SAML2 SSO authentication Flexopus also offers a SCIM API interface for user and group synchronization.

Does Flexopus also support other identity managers (e.g.: Keycloak, Ping Federation, CAS, Shibboleth, Okta, etc.)?

Yes Flexopus supports numerous other systems via SSO. The SAML2 and SCIM protocols have been implemented generically, so we can also support other IdPs. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact our support team:

Where is Flexopus data hosted?

Flexopus is used by our service provider Hetzner Online GmbH hosted exclusively in Germany (Nuremberg and Falkenstein). Hetzner is ISO 27001 certified and therefore meets all information security standards. Flexopus uses NONE AWS, Google or Microsoft cloud infrastructure, so we have full control over the data, infrastructure and application.

How is personal data protected at Flexopus?

Learn more about our safety standards here.

Flexopus is 100% EU GDPR compliant.

Flexopus offers all settings on the admin dashboard: In the standard Flexopus configuration, personal booking data is automatically anonymized after 14 days. In addition, personal data in the frontend can also be anonymized upon request.

Flexopus provides the hosting infrastructure in a dedicated server infrastructure by our hosting service provider Hetzner Online GmbH ready. Hetzner is a leading server provider from Germany, ISO 27001 certified and therefore meets all standards to protect your personal data.

Does Flexopus also have a mobile application?

Yes Flexopus can Google PlayStore And through Apple AppStore be installed. In addition to the stores, Flexopus can also be installed as a PWA (Progressive Web Application).

Which devices can Flexopus be used on?

Thanks to the modern, fully responsive user interface, Flexopus can be used on any device with a modern browser and an Internet connection. Whether it's a smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop PC, Flexopus can be operated quickly and flawlessly anywhere.

Does Flexopus also offer an on-premise version?

Yes, but only for major customers with over 1000 jobs. We recommend using our cloud version. For more information, please contact our sales team:

What are the advantages of software in the cloud compared to an on-premises version?

With Flexopus Cloud, you can enjoy our all-round worry-free service. In the cloud version, we take care of hosting, operation, maintenance and all relevant security and version updates for you. It is not necessary to install it on your part. This allows you to focus on your core business and use your capacities where they are actually needed.

What requirements must be met to use Flexopus?

Thanks to the cloud version, Flexopus can be used in any company regardless of the IT infrastructure. All you need to get started with Flexopus are floor plans of your office with drawn desks, a vector file of your logo and your desired subdomain. We'll do the rest for you.

For the requirements of the on-premise variant, please contact our sales department.

Does Flexopus also offer hardware such as motion sensors?

At Flexopus, we focus on developing software that is as lean, powerful and easy to use as possible. We believe not on hardware solutions such as motion sensors, as these are usually very expensive and prone to errors. Although the sensors help to measure the occupancy of seats, they do not offer a solution for desk sharing, as seats must be booked in advance. As a good alternative, we recommend our QR codes.

Costs and profitability

How much does Flexopus desk sharing software cost?

The costs of Flexopus are linked to the number of objects (tables, meeting rooms, parking spaces) and not to the number of users. Since desk sharing requires that there are more employees than available jobs, this model proves to be more profitable.

Flexopus costs may vary depending on location, company size, service level and desired additional modules. Please contact us, one of our employees will provide you with detailed and tailored price information:

Can you save fixed costs with Flexopus?

With Flexopus, some of our customers are demonstrably saving fixed costs by reducing their office space while maintaining the same workforce size. This means that several employees work at one workplace, which can optimize the utilization of the rooms. The savings potential is very often significantly higher than the license costs of desk sharing software. The introduction of desk sharing in conjunction with Flexopus is therefore a worthwhile investment.

For which companies (size) is desk sharing software recommended?

Desk sharing with Flexopus is, thanks to our Building management module, possible both for a small company with 10 employees and for corporations with several thousand employees regardless of the sector. Please feel free to contact us. In a personal conversation, we can jointly analyse whether the concept of flexible workplaces also makes sense for your company.

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