Check-in & check-out with Flexopus

With the check-in and check-out function, you ensure that workplaces are always occupied. Because the desk is a valuable resource, especially in companies with more employees than workplaces. Bookings expire after an individually definable period of time if employees do not check in on time.

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Flexopus workstation booking system

Why should I use the check-in & check-out module?

Employees book a job but are unable to work at short notice, become ill or spontaneously decide to work from home. Without manual intervention, the booking remains active in the system and the object is occupied. As a result, the space on site remains unused, which leads to poor utilization of office space.


Activating the check-in and check-out function creates a remedy on the one hand and new routines on the other. Since the booking must be confirmed by check-in after an individually definable period of time, you prevent unused objects. If there is no check-in, the booking expires and other colleagues can book the vacant property regularly again.


Should employees leave their workplace earlier than planned, the check-out function can be used to release the object to others again. If no check-out is carried out, this will be done automatically at the end of the regular booking time.

By combining mandatory check-in and check-out of employees in combination with smart analytics and our extensive export functions, it is also conceivable to use Flexopus to record working hours, which, according to the Federal Labour Court's decision, has been mandatory since September 2022.

Check-in reminder

Check-in reminder email

When using Flexopus on a daily basis, it is of course possible that you forget to check in. Users can decide individually whether they want to be reminded of the check-in by email shortly before the start of the booking process. The email contains a direct link to check in.

Push Notification check-in

Push notifications for apps

Employees can also receive reminders about pending check-ins on their smartphones via push notifications. In the predefined check-in time window, check-in is then carried out by clicking on the push notification.


Check-in with the QR code module

With the additional “QR Codes” module, you can enable your employees to check in and out on site easily and easily. By scanning a QR code at a workplace or meeting room with a smartphone, you can do this in seconds.

Flexopus TIP

QR code module

With the additional module “QR Codes”, you make using the Flexopus desk booking app even easier and more convenient. Make it easier for employees to check in and check out or enable the ad-hoc booking of flexible workplaces and meeting rooms on site.
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