Information screens for meeting rooms

Find available meeting rooms in your area in no time at all with our info screens and keep track of the current occupancy status in real time. In addition, our interface enables seamless synchronization with Microsoft Exchange Online!

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Flexopus workstation booking system
meeting rooms

Meeting room finder

Keep track of the availability of nearby meeting rooms at a glance — no more searching, no more wasted time. Head straight to the nearest vacant room, whose current and upcoming bookings are clearly shown on the display.

configuration process

Easy configuration process

Our all-in-one software integrates seamlessly with any smart TV: connect it with a simple PIN entry. As an administrator, you can add new devices at any time or remove them as needed — anytime and easily.


Administration as administrator

As an administrator at Flexopus, you have full control: Simply log into your dashboard to easily manage conference room boards remotely. Customize display objects to suit your needs, add new meeting rooms, or remove rooms you no longer need — all with just a few clicks.


Protecting sensitive data

Protecting your data is important to us, which is why Flexopus comprehensively takes your compliance and privacy policies into account. For example, confidential information such as the title and participants of a meeting is deliberately not displayed on the info screen.

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Attendance indicator

With our attendance displays, you can keep an eye on the colleagues present per building or floor on a smart TV. Based on the recorded workplace reservations, Flexopus filters the colleagues present for the respective day. Quickly find out who is working in the office today!
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Microsoft Graph API

Microsoft Exchange Online

Thanks to our interface with Microsoft Exchange Online, your resources and reservations remain with Microsoft. Flexopus ensures bidirectional and real-time synchronization via the Microsoft Graph API. Reservations can be made seamlessly via Outlook or Flexopus, without the risk of conflicts or double bookings.

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Sales manager

Use any smart TV

Experience effortless use of Flexopus info screens on any smart TV with a browser function. Our sales and support team is always available for further information.

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