Smart Analytics Dashboard & Desk Sharing Statistics

All data that we collect in the Flexopus hot desk booking software is made available to you in processed form in the Smart Analytics Dashboard. The analysis of this historical data provides you with important insights into the utilization of your space, the booking behavior and the home office habits of your workforce and helps you to optimize your space.

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Flexopus workstation booking system

Utilization analyses of buildings

In the dashboard, you can see at a glance which properties are the most popular or on which days of the week the most bookings were made. Statistics are also collected on booking figures in months, days or hours.


Utilization analyses of floors

The utilization of your space can also be evaluated at floor level. Choose between predefined and individual time periods to analyse bookings made by your employees anonymously. Temporary peaks and other key figures are easy to identify thanks to a variety of evaluations.


Own evaluations via data export

If the dashboard is not enough for you and want even deeper analyses, our powerful export function is available. This allows all data collected by Flexopus to be exported in CSV format and further processed in Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets or the data processing program of your choice.

user statistics

User-level statistics

As an optional setting and with appropriate consent, evaluations can also be carried out at user level. How often does a specific employee book jobs in the office or parking spaces? How many meeting rooms are booked? Which colleagues come to the office the most? However, user-level evaluations are disabled by default for data protection reasons.

Flexopus note!

In order to meet our data protection and data security standards, we refrain from evaluating personal data in the dashboard in the Flexopus standard configuration. Analyses are carried out exclusively at property level and therefore meet the highest compliance requirements of data protection officers or works councils.

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Identify popular objects on the heat map

See low and high utilization of objects on our heat map at a glance.

Bird's Eye View of Parking Space Booking with Flexopus Parking Software

Optimize your hybrid office

Analyzing historical data helps you make decisions about organizational and furnishing improvements in the office. Specific use cases of this decision-making aid are diverse. For example, costs can be saved, employee satisfaction increased and everyday office life optimised.
Find peak times
Identify days when your offices are too full. The resulting noise can quickly lead to stress. You can counteract this with special attendance regulations on these days.
Flexopus card team
If the utilization of your space is constantly low, you can quickly find out in the Smart Analytics Dashboard. Excess space can be rented, which can save costs.
Ready in a few days
Identify rarely used rooms or spaces in just a few seconds and move employees to other areas. Reducing the area helps to save energy costs.


shared desk reservations in calendar view
Statistics overview
Flexopus offers a wide range of load analyses. Use the key figures provided or export the data to create your own statistics.
shared desk reservations in calendar view
Utilization analyses of objects
Set target values for office occupancy and make decisions about downsizing or expanding based on data with Flexopus.
shared desk reservations in calendar view
Time heat map
With the Time Heatmap, you can calculate the peak times of all bookings at building or floor level by hour. Select an individual time period.
shared desk reservations in calendar view
Number of all/reserved objects
Based on anonymized bookings, Flexopus evaluates several utilization figures at building and floor level. Utilizations are calculated daily.
shared desk reservations in calendar view
Check-in rates & expired reservations
Have you activated the Flexopus check-in & check-out module? You can have the number of missed check-ins evaluated personally and/or anonymously.
shared desk reservations in calendar view
Number of objects (flex, fix, block)
You can track the number of bookable, fixed and blocked objects over time. You can use these figures, for example, for a utilization analysis: number of booked objects/number of bookable objects = utilization in%
shared desk reservations in calendar view
Meeting room capacities
If you have linked several meeting rooms to Flexopus, you can have the capacities of the meeting rooms evaluated by size.

Manage rights and roles

With the help of a granular rights and roles system, Flexopus gives people tailored access to the functions they really need. Access controls and booking limits can also be implemented as a result.
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