Building Management with Flexopus

With the Flexopus desk and room booking system, you can easily manage all your buildings across multiple locations and floors in one central location. Organize your properties with just a few clicks and make them fit for the future of hybrid working.

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Flexopus workstation booking system

Manage offices and locations

Map your locations in Flexopus and group your spaces by location, building and floors. Showing and hiding locations depending on authorization and graphical presentation in the form of floor plans or floor plans helps users book workstations, meeting rooms or parking spaces.


Manage floors & floor plans

Combine multiple floors in one building in Flexopus. Flexopus cards can be managed at floor level. Each floor has its own map with bookable objects such as workplaces, meeting rooms and/or parking spaces. It is also possible to display all object classes on a map at the same time.


Objects & equipment features

Workstations, meeting rooms and/or parking spaces are booked at the property level. In addition to the visual presentation, equipment features can also be maintained via a tagging system and information texts can be stored. For example: height-adjustable table, double monitor, rest zone.


Hybrid office concept & flexoffice

Not everything has to be bookable! With Flexopus, hybrid office concepts can also be implemented. Individual workstations can be made bookable for colleagues and other workstations can be permanently assigned. As an administrator, you can change assignments at any time to keep the office agile.

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Access rights with groups

Are there locations or floors that should not be accessible to departments or individual employees? With Flexopus, flexible authorizations can be granted. Depending on authorization, access can be granted or blocked - from the entire location to the individual workplace.


Administrative roles for administration

As an administrator at Flexopus, you can grant employees rights to manage buildings and floors. Only limited administrative rights are assigned to location managers. For example: make plan changes, manage attributes & equipment features of objects, or create fixed workplace assignments.


Offices with different time zones

Do you have multiple international offices with different time zones? With Flexopus, time zones can be defined for offices. When booking workplaces, the time zones of employees and offices are taken into account. For example, you can manage locations in the EU and USA in the same system.


Flexopus Map Service & Map Builder

Edit your floor plans in Flexopus yourself using the map editor and/or hire us to graphically prepare your maps and make them available in Flexopus!
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For all company sizes

Our desk sharing software solution is suitable for companies of all sizes. With Flexopus, you enjoy maximum flexibility. They can represent both small offices on one floor with few workplaces as well as complex structures with several international locations and thousands of objects.
Desk sharing software for small businesses

Small business with one floor

Flexopus is very suitable for smaller companies with an office on a single floor. In this case, the intelligent booking system for rooms, parking spaces and flexible workplaces simply skips the selection of locations or buildings during the booking process. Users go directly to the single floor to book their flexible workplace without having to carry out redundant actions.
Desk sharing software for SMEs and SMEs Flexopus

Medium-sized companies

50 - 250
As a medium-sized company, you can map one or more offices within Flexopus. You can configure multiple floors per office for workstations, meeting rooms, and parking spaces. With Flexopus Group Management, you can control who can see and book which offices, floors and objects.
Desk Sharing Software for Large Companies and Corporations

Large and international companies

250 +
Flexopus helps large companies with many buildings at multiple locations to clearly visualize their properties. This makes it easy to manage buildings at different locations across multiple time zones. A detailed allocation of maps at floor level is possible and provides access authorization at user level. Individual locations are simply hidden if authorization is missing.

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