Rights and role management

Flexopus offers comprehensive rights and role management. Depending on the role, users have different rights, which vary from simple booking of objects to access to the backend and administrative tasks such as global administration.

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Flexopus workstation booking system


Administrators manage and move around Flexopus completely freely and have unrestricted permissions for the admin area or backend. Here, users, bookings and locations can be edited and global settings can be made. In addition, other users can be given rights.

Managing locations

Site manager

With this role, locations including existing bookings can be managed and analyzed. Site managers also have the right to add floor plans, edit them and store equipment features for objects.

Manage people & groups

Group manager

This role is ideal for department or team management or, alternatively, for assistants or secretarial staff. Group managers can create bookings for assigned user groups and manage them.

Frontend access

Flexopus user

In this role, employees can book objects such as workstations, meeting rooms or parking spaces and have no access to the backend. Optionally, users can make guest bookings for external persons.

Separation of administrative activities

Depending on the size of the company, tasks in the areas of workplace, room and building management may be separated. For example, the connections to the central user database are not carried out by the same person as the administration of offices. We therefore recommend that you assign rights and roles in Flexopus as follows:

  • IT administrators: The initial setup of the application and the set-up of integrations is usually carried out by IT. Since unrestricted access rights are required for IT, we recommend using the administrator.
  • Facility and workspace managers: In order to be able to carry out daily tasks related to objects such as workstations, parking spaces or meeting rooms, we recommend that facility or workspace managers use location managers or administrators.
  • Assistants and managers: Employees with personnel responsibility and their direct administrative support usually require authorizations to make bookings for others. We therefore recommend the role of group managers.

Group Management with Flexopus

With Flexopus Group Management, you can map departmental and group affiliations within your workforce. This enables a variety of functions such as access authorizations, booking limits and much more.
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