Group Management with Flexopus

With Flexopus Group Management, you can map departmental and group affiliations within your workforce. This enables a variety of functions such as access authorizations, booking limits and much more.

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Flexopus workstation booking system

Assigning users to groups

Create user groups in Flexopus and link user profiles to groups as administrators or group managers. Groups can be used in the application for access control and booking regulations.


Linking groups to offices

Use the group function to hide certain buildings and floors for specific groups and thus prevent incorrect bookings. For example, if there is an entire floor in your building for the HR department that works with sensitive personal data, you can also only share this floor with HR group members.

Access control at object level

Linking groups to objects

Decide which groups (or departments) can book which workplaces, parking spaces or meeting rooms. For example, if your office has special workstations for graphic artists and designers with color-accurate monitors and graphics tablets, you can also only share these spaces with employees from the “Graphics” user group.

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You can also configure multiple user groups to be added. A user can be a member of several groups at the same time. You can also link the user groups to several objects and floors. Multiple group assignments per object (workplace, parking lot or meeting room) are also possible. As an administrator, decide who and where can book!

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Home zones with access management

With group management, home zones can also be created. Example: MANAGEMENT, STUDENTS & TRAINEES, SOFTWARE DEPARTMENT, LEGAL DEPARTMENT and FLEX QUIET ROOMS.

Bird's Eye View of Parking Space Booking with Flexopus Parking Software

How does group management work?

Through user groups, you can decide granularly which employees are allowed to view and book properties in specific areas. With Flexopus' intuitive administration and integration options, you can easily determine and distribute access rights as an administrator or group manager.

  • Access rights: Group assignment allows authorizations to be determined at office, floor and object level.
  • Local groups at Flexopus: User groups can be created locally in the Flexopus application. Members of the group can be edited in Flexopus.
  • Synchronize external groups: User groups can also be synchronized from an IDP (such as: Azure AD, Okta, ADFS) with SCIM or as a SAML2 attribute. Members of external groups are stored as “read only” in Flexopus.

Manage groups externally with SCIM

Simply synchronize user groups from your identity provider platform (e.g.: Azure Active Directory) with Flexopus and save yourself the hassle of manually grouping and managing users. All you need is the Flexopus add-on module for SSO and SCIM.


Managing groups with CSV & XLSX

User profiles can also be imported and exported as CSV and XLSC files. Attributes such as user groups, department membership, function, description, and name can be easily managed in tabular form if you do not want to use or connect an Identity Manager Platform (such as Azure Active Directory).

ADMIN permission

Appoint a group manager

Users with the role of “group manager”, such as team leader or their assistants, can on the one hand carry out administrative tasks in group administration and add or remove employees from groups. On the other hand, you can make bookings for other employees and groups.


Manage rights and roles

Flexopus offers comprehensive rights and role management. Depending on the role, rights vary from simple booking of objects to access to the backend to administrative tasks such as managing people, locations or global configuration of the software.
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