Global settings & personalization

The Flexopus desk sharing app adapts precisely to your company thanks to diverse and granular customization options. Individualize the booking process, data protection, privacy, notifications, and more to meet your specific requirements.

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Flexopus workstation booking system

Bookings restrictions

Individualize the booking process and adapt it precisely to your specific needs: For example, determine on which days of the week and in which periods of time. The time from which you can book in advance can also be limited.

privacy settings

User data visibility

Flexopus attaches great importance to data protection, data security and privacy. Therefore, you can individually determine whether the real names of your employees are visible in the frontend or not. In addition, the decision can also be handed over to employees: They then decide for themselves whether their real names are displayed. Coordinate this setting with the data protection officer and/or works council.

Privacy settings

Anonymization of data

Personalized data is only stored in Flexopus as long as there is a purpose for data processing. Personal booking data can therefore be automatically anonymized by the system after a freely selectable period of time. For example, it can be beneficial to keep booking data for 14 days to understand chains of infection.

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SSO - Single Sign On

Put an end to countless login details. Thanks to Flexopus' Single Sign On integration, your team can log in with their usual email address without having to set a new password or create a new account.
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Recurring bookings

Series bookings

Determine whether your employees can make recurring bookings. Once series bookings have been approved, they can be repeated daily, weekly or monthly. Either for a certain number of appointments or by a specific date. By default, this setting is disabled.


Data protection and privacy

In addition to the mandatory order processing contract in accordance with Article 28 (3) GDPR, we are happy to provide you with a sample privacy policy for your Flexopus instance. You can also use your own declaration and decide whether consent is required per employee. Flexopus is hosted in Germany in compliance with GDPR, your data is neither shared with third parties nor does it leave the country.


Notifications and emails

Decide globally for your entire organization whether you want to send booking confirmations via email to your employees. Optionally, an.ical file can be added for confirmation, which integrates the booking into the personal calendar. Employees can then decide for themselves whether they want to receive notifications by email in their personal profile.

Customize the application

Corporate identity & personalization

Tailor Flexopus to your corporate identity. For example, you can upload the company logo and define company details. In addition to personalized floor plans and floor plans, you can store pictures of your offices to make the booking process even more intuitive and transparent.


Integrations with Flexopus

Flexopus offers integrations with a wide range of applications. From all common single sign-on providers to Microsoft Exchange Online to Teams & Outlook. We are also happy to provide you with a token-based API if required.
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