Flexopus QR Code add-on module

With the additional module “QR Codes”, you make using the Flexopus desk booking app even easier and more convenient. Make it easier for employees to check in and check out or enable the ad-hoc booking of flexible workplaces and meeting rooms on site.

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Flexopus workstation booking system
Scan QR code

Quick booking in just a few steps

You forgot to book a workplace the day before, but are already in the office and wondering if the space is still available? Simply scan the QR code attached to the table. This allows you to see at a glance whether the workplace is still available and make a quick booking directly.

Check in & check out

Check-in and check-out via QR code

Flexopus QR codes can also be used for check-in and check-out at work. To verify your presence, simply scan the QR code with your smartphone and you're already checked in. When leaving the workplace, they can check out by scanning again.


Linking QR codes

As an administrator, you can easily link QR codes to the respective objects via a smartphone. The link will then take just a few seconds. Each QR code has an individual link and can only be used for one object.

App store, Google Play & PWA

Integrated QR code scanner

QR codes can be scanned directly into the application using the integrated QR code scanner. In addition, any QR code scanner can be used. The built-in scanner can be found in our Android, iOS, and PWA application.


Easy & simple booking!

Employees can simply and easily scan QR codes to check the occupancy status of seats or create a new booking for themselves.
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Why use QR codes instead of expensive hardware?

Expensive hardware solutions consisting of sensors and other components are generally unnecessary and have several disadvantages. Above all, an expensive purchase and installation price should be mentioned. In addition, hardware maintenance must always be carried out by specialists. In the event of malfunctions or the reorganization of the office, you are therefore always dependent on external help.

In contrast, QR codes from Flexopus are a cost-effective and simple alternative that can be implemented even without special know-how. The high-quality printing of our QR code stickers is abrasion-resistant and specially coated, which ensures a long life. Should a replacement be required, you can simply replace the sticker yourself. You can also configure it yourself with just a few clicks in the Flexopus backend.

Book the additional QR code module now

If you choose our additional module when booking, you will receive high-quality QR code stickers directly from us by post. If you need new QR codes, just let us know. We will send you more as soon as possible and free of charge.

QR module
  • Protection: Resistant to water & cleaning agents
  • Material: High-quality print on 140 g/m² vinyl film
  • Application: Easy to apply and remove
  • Link: One unique link per sticker
  • Design: Minimal and modern, customizable on request

How do I get the QR codes?

Use QR codes from Flexopus to make desk sharing software even easier and more convenient for your employees.
Book an additional module
The additional QR code module can be added to the contract as an option. Once booked, we will activate it for you immediately.
Receive QR codes
After booking, we will provide you with the stickers as soon as possible. We take care of printing and shipping!
Glue & configure
Once attached, you can link the QR codes to workplaces, parking spaces or rooms in just a few steps.

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