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Flexopus hat es sich zur Aufgabe gemacht, die Art und Weise zu revolutionieren, wie Unternehmen das hybride Arbeitsmodell umsetzen. Werden Sie ein Reseller oder IntegrationspartnerIn von Flexopus und profitieren Sie mit uns von New Work.

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Benefits for Flexopus partners

Here are some of the key benefits of partnering with Flexopus:
Increased market reach
Take advantage of our customer base and expand your market reach by integrating your solutions with our workplace management software.
Sources of income
Generate additional revenue through a commission agreement based on joint sales and co-marketing initiatives.
Improved range of services
Strengthen your value proposition by offering your customers a comprehensive solution for hybrid work.
Target partner

Who we're looking for

At Flexopus, we're actively looking for partnerships with various players from different industries that can help us shape the future of hybrid work.

Office space providers

Co-working spaces and providers of flexible offices who want to expand their offerings by integrating our desk sharing software.

Facility management companies

Organizations specializing in facility management that want to optimize the use of workstations and streamline desk booking processes.

HR platforms

Providers of HR software or platforms that help companies implement and manage hybrid work models.

Software reseller companies

Companies with a focus on commission-based software sales that want to expand their product portfolio with workplace management software.

Technology providers

Companies that offer complementary technology solutions for the workplace, such as workplace analytics, digital signage, or IoT providers.

New Work consultants

Consulting firm with a focus on new work. Workplace management software such as Flexopus can offer significant advantages in digitization for potential customers.

Office facilities

Are you an office equipment supplier or do you offer office furnishing solutions? You can also sell our software as a product and earn additional income through a commission agreement.

Other companies

Do you not fall into the categories mentioned above, but are you still interested in working with us? Feel free to contact us - we are open to ideas!

Two types of partnerships

Partnership models

Flexopus offers flexible partnership models that are tailored to the individual needs and goals of our partners. Our partnership models include:
Desk sharing software for small businesses

Integration partnership

Flexopus offers a REST API for every customer instance. Seamlessly integrate your software or hardware with our system. Flexopus stands for expandability — both of our products and our API. Share your vision and business model with us; we welcome innovative concepts!
Desk sharing software for SMEs and SMEs Flexopus

Referral program

Recommend Flexopus to your contacts or leads and earn attractive commissions for every successful referral. Your contribution consists in the recommendation, while our sales team takes over the product presentation. When you sign a contract, we reward your efforts. Please feel free to contact us for further details!

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