Webex integration

With our WebEx integration, you can roll out Flexopus directly to employees in your organization via the WebEx AppHub. Use Flexopus directly in Webex.

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How does Webex integration work?

With our WebEx integration, you can use Flexopus directly from WebEx AppHub roll out for employees in your organization. Use Flexopus directly in Webex. This means that users always have the application right in front of their eyes and can use Flexopus more efficiently and more frequently.

To use this integration, users must have an active Flexopus account and a paid licensed Webex account.

How can I install?

  1. Install Flexopus from Webex App Hub
  2. Flexopus appears on the left side of your WebEx application.
  3. Enter the URL of your Flexopus application so Flexopus can connect to the correct database.
  4. Log in with your Flexopus account.

Does Flexopus also offer WebEx OAuth SSO?

Yes, with Flexopus, can you also configure WebEx as a single sign-on login option so that employees can log in even more easily.

Do I need to use WebEx SSO?

No, you don't necessarily have to use WebEx integration with WebEx Single Sign-On. You can use any of Flexopus' other SSO methods.

How is the application updated?

You don't need to update the application. It updates itself automatically as soon as new software versions are rolled out.

About Cisco Webex?

Cisco Webex is a leading platform for video conferencing, online meetings, screen sharing, and webinars. It enables users to collaborate effectively and securely from anywhere. With features like HD video, advanced audio settings, meeting recording, and file sharing, Webex promotes productive and interactive meetings. The solution is suitable for companies of all sizes and offers customization options to meet the diverse needs of teams. Webex integrates seamlessly with many business applications and supports flexible and efficient collaboration.

Through the App Hub, Webex offers a platform for third-party software providers to be able to roll out the application directly in Webex. The third-party application, such as Flexopus, can be integrated via numerous interfaces in order to provide a comprehensive experience for WebEx users.

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