Connect Flexopus booking system to Microsoft Exchange Online

If you manage spatial resources via Outlook, Flexopus can implement bidirectional synchronization thanks to Microsoft Exchange integration. So it doesn't matter whether you reserve your meeting and meeting rooms in Outlook or directly in Flexopus.

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Flexopus workstation booking system
Microsoft Exchange Online

Connect Exchange Online

As a Microsoft Exchange administrator, you can grant permissions for the Flexopus application so that Flexopus can read resources and bookings directly from the Microsoft database. Objects in Flexopus are linked to Microsoft Outlook resource email addresses.

Microsoft Graph API

Bi-directional sync

With the Microsoft Exchange Online interface, resources and reservations remain with Microsoft. Flexopus synchronizes bookings bidirectionally and in real time through Microsoft Graph API. Reservations can be made simultaneously using Outlook and Flexopus. Conflicts and duplicate bookings are excluded.

Microsoft Outlook

Bookings in Microsoft Outlook

You can book meeting rooms as usual in Microsoft Outlook or Microsoft Teams. There will be no change to your usual booking process. Microsoft remains the “single source of truth” for bookings. Flexopus syncs approved bookings from Microsoft Exchange.


Bookings in Flexopus

After a successful connection to Microsoft Exchange Online, meeting rooms can also be booked in the Flexopus application. Flexopus makes a request to Microsoft and reserves the room in real time using the MS Graph API. This allows you to connect and book your rooms with our apps and digital signage displays.

Emails and video call links?

Flexopus does NOT change the existing resource booking process in Microsoft Outlook. Booking confirmations via emails and video call links will continue to be created by Microsoft.


Room occupancy displays

Connect meeting rooms, telephone boxes and other resources with our digital door signs to see the occupancy status of resources at a glance and make ad hoc bookings on site.
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Microsoft Exchange Online

What are the benefits of syncing?

Everything at a glance
The occupancy of workplaces, parking spaces and rooms can be seen at a glance.
electronic door signs
Flexopus electronic door signs show the occupancy of rooms in real time. Quick bookings are also possible.
Booking without Microsoft
Rooms can also be booked in Flexopus without a Microsoft user account, if you allow it.
Room statistics
Utilization analyses of rooms are evaluated in Flexopus based on bookings made.
Meeting Room Board
You can display the occupancy status of all meeting rooms on one display.
Flexopus Outlook plugin
Thanks to the Outlook Add-In, rooms can be filtered & booked with the characteristics defined in Flexopus.

Meeting Room Board

Connect your meeting rooms to the Flexopus Meeting Room Board and display the occupancy status of all meeting rooms on one display. This makes it easier to search for a free space.

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