Parking space booking and parking management

Flexopus can be used, among other things, as parking management software. Manage both free-standing and underground parking spaces in an app with a graphical interface and an intuitive booking process.

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Flexopus workstation booking system
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Parking space booking made easy!

Flexopus makes parking easy to manage.

Book a parking space in just 4 steps

With the Flexopus parking software, parking spaces can be booked in 4 simple and intuitive steps. After choosing the period and location, the desired parking space can be selected and booked on the map.


Efficient parking management

By temporarily blocking and permanently allocating parking spaces to specific people, Flexopus enables simple and efficient parking management. Thanks to the integrated filter function, special parking spaces, for example with additional width or height, can be found and booked directly during the booking process.


Usage & analysis in one app

In addition to operational management and booking of parking spaces and other properties, you can analyze the utilization of your parking spaces in detail with Flexopus. Future decisions on the design of areas can therefore also be made based on data.


Group and access management

Make your parking space management as efficient as possible with Flexopus. Prevent incorrect occupancy of parking spaces with integrated group management. Assign special parking spaces to a specific group or person. This means that only predefined people or groups can book specific parking spaces.

license plate

Vehicles with license plates

Maintain personal and business vehicles at Flexopus. With the optional additional module, employees can book parking spaces with a selection of vehicles. Through the vehicle assignments, you can also check whether the parking spaces are correctly occupied.

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Visual Management of Parking Spaces

Visualizing your parking spaces from a bird's eye view enables easy & intuitive management and booking of flexible parking spaces.

Manage flexible parking spaces
Decide which parking spaces can be booked and store special features.
Assign parking spaces
Objects such as parking spaces can be permanently assigned to one person, unless all people participate in the flexible model.
Block parking spaces temporarily
Parking spaces can be temporarily excluded from the booking. For example, they can be kept free for maintenance.
Bird's Eye View of Parking Space Booking with Flexopus Parking Software

This is how parking management software works

In addition to managing parking spaces, Flexopus offers a variety of other functions and modules. The parking management software can be used simultaneously to book and manage flexible workplaces and conference rooms.

Select date & period

In the second step, the user selects one or more days and the time for booking from the calendar overview. It is also possible to make series bookings.


Select a building

In the third step, the user selects the desired building to book. If there is only one building to choose from, this step is skipped.


Choose a flexible parking space

In the fourth and final step, the user selects a free parking space on the graphically prepared map. Extensive filter functions make it easy to search for the right parking space.


Flexopus map service & map editor

Lean back, the Flexopus Map Service prepares your maps for you. With Map Builder, existing maps can be redesigned and redesigned in just a few seconds.
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