Premium map or standard? Choose the right Flexopus card for your needs!

Gina Schumacher

The floor plans form the heart of the Flexopus software and serve as a visual interface for easy selection of different properties. Flexopus provides you with both standard maps, which you can upload to our software, and premium maps from our experts, which offer you the advantage of a high-quality and uniform presentation. To make an informed decision, we compared the standard map with the premium map!

Premium Maps

The premium map of Flexopus - The Desk-Sharing Solution is shown on a laptop screen.

Premium maps are vector-based graphics created by our graphic designers for a small fee. These high-quality maps are created based on either a provided sketch or floor plan of your space, office, or building. Our team of graphic designers will skillfully organize your property layouts to ensure an optimal user experience.


The use of vector-based floor plans not only ensures faster loading times and a better user experience but also fits seamlessly into the distinctive look and feel of Flexopus and guarantees an optimal user experience. Thanks to its vector-based nature, users can zoom indefinitely without compromising the clarity of object edges, and the introduction of new software can be met with reluctance at first.

The improved user experience provided by the premium cards can therefore play a crucial role in the acceptance and satisfaction of your teams. After all, you want your staff to enjoy using Flexopus day after day! What's more, a premium card makes it much easier to use our map editor. With a simple drag-and-drop interface, you can move, add, or delete your objects. This is really handy because you don't have to contact customer service every time you want to change your office layout.


Premium maps are created by our Flexopus graphic designers for a small fee because you get a customized solution that is perfectly tailored to your needs! It is also important to note that the team will need a few days to create your premium card. Our graphic designers invest a lot of time and expertise to ensure the highest level of precision in every card.

Standard Maps

In contrast to the premium maps, the standard maps can be uploaded directly by you. This can be any image file such as JPEG, PNG, SVG or even a map you have drawn yourself! Bookable objects are simply marked on the image so that they can be clicked on by users at a later date. With this alternative, you can easily and quickly create floor plans yourself if you want to get started right away.


With standard maps, you only need to mark the bookable objects and upload them to the software. No prior background knowledge is required, making it an intuitive and straightforward process to create customized floor plans. Further, standard maps are also supported by our map editor. A standard map allows you to get started with the application quickly and is practical with a small number of objects. This feature offers a more budget-friendly alternative compared to the premium version.


While standard maps serve as convenient image files, it's important to note that zooming in may result in pixelation, limiting the clarity of details. This can hinder user-friendliness, preventing employees from zooming in for a precise understanding of the office layout, including the location of their desks. With standard maps, alterations in the map editor are confined to changing the positions of objects; unfortunately, administrators are unable to furnish or reposition specific types of equipment, whereas the premium map allows it. This limitation can impact the customization options available for optimizing office space.


In conclusion, the choice between Flexopus Premium Maps and Standard Maps ultimately hinges on your specific priorities and requirements. The customization options provided by the map editor allow for a polished and professional appearance, making Premium Maps an ideal choice for those seeking advanced features. Premium maps, crafted by graphic designers, offer outstanding quality with vector-based graphics, ensuring faster loading times and a user-friendly experience.

On the other hand, standard maps provide a simpler and more economical solution. They allow for quick and easy floor plan creation with user-uploaded image files, suitable for those looking to start immediately with minimal effort. However, it's essential to consider the limitations, such as potential pixelation upon zooming, less overall user-friendliness, and restrictions in editing options.

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