Flexopus 2023 Rewind: A Year in Retrospect

Gina Schumacher

Pause for a moment, let your eyes gently close, and allow your thoughts to drift back to the rich tapestry of 2023. What lingers in the corridors of memory—the Pedro Pascal fever, the enchanting notes of Taylor Swift's Era's World Tour, or the buzz surrounding the Barbenheimer? Yet, beneath the dazzling surface of these cultural phenomena, lies the unsung hero: Flexopus, basking in the glow of its most thrilling year, marked by a cascade of innovative features.

For us at Flexopus, our tireless dedication finds purpose in developing an unparalleled desk-sharing application, ready to carve its niche in the fiercely competitive market. For us, the true narrative of 2023 unfolds in the relentless commitment to excellence that propels our mission ever forward.

Flexopus Updates and New Features of 2023

A graphic with the major Flexopus highlights of 2023.

January 2023: Accessibility, Updated Map Editor, and Content Security Policy

In January 2023, the launch of patch 2.22.0 marked a significant milestone for our application. This update ushered in a series of enhancements, particularly in the realm of accessibility adhering to WCAG standards. The user interface received a comprehensive overhaul, featuring newly designed pages that aim to make our application navigable for users.

One of the standout features of this release is the updated map editor, offering users a more dynamic and personalized experience with the ability to add magnetic lines, text labels, and many more. 

Patch 2.22.0 also introduces a reinforced set of Content Security Policy (CSP) settings, ensuring a safer and more protected environment for our users

May 2023: Microsoft Teams App

The unveiling of patch 2.23.0 marked an even more significant leap forward for Flexopus with the integration of Microsoft Teams. This milestone represents a key moment in enhancing collaboration and productivity for our users. The Microsoft Teams app can be installed directly from the Teams App Library in just a few seconds. As an IT administrator for your company, you can also have the application automatically installed for all users. 

June 2023: Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) & Light and Dark Mode

The release of Patch 2.24.0 marked a key moment in user security with the introduction of Two-Factor Authentication (2FA). This enhancement was implemented to support the protective layers around user accounts, ensuring an upgraded level of security for every Flexopus user. This added security measure significantly reduces the risk of unauthorized access, enhancing the overall protection of sensitive information. 

It also included the long-awaited feature, the Light Mode for Flexopus. Now, users have the flexibility to choose between Light Mode and Dark Mode, tailoring their individual preferences and needs. It ensures optimal visibility and reduced eye pressure for those who prefer a brighter interface.

July & September 2023: Group Editor, Global Status Messages, New QR Code Reader, iCal Links Generator and more

In the successive strides of improvement, Patches 2.25.0 and 2.26.0 brought forth a series of enhancements aimed at refining the Flexopus user experience. In Patch 2.25.0, our focus on usability led to improvements in various areas, including the Group Editor, Image Croppers, Vehicle Selection, and the introduction of the Next-Day Summary Email

However, the spotlight truly shone on Patch 2.26.0, where significant upgrades took center stage. Administrators gained a powerful tool with the addition of Global Status Messages, providing a platform for crucial announcements to reach users easily. The introduction of a new QR code reader elevated user interaction. On the administrative side, Patch 2.26.0 brought forth substantial upgrades. The inclusion of time zones in the user import/export feature adds a layer of precision to administrative tasks. Moreover, administrators can now generate iCalendar links for objects.

December 2023: Easier Navigation for Admins

In patch 2.27.0 we focused on resolving minor bugs and introducing features that elevate administrative capabilities within the application. Admins can now view logs of building plans in a new tab alongside the building plans to track changes better. Device overview in settings, including all connected meeting room displays and info screens, can now be sorted and filtered more effectively. Floor plans can be sorted and filtered more effectively. This enhancement ensures that administrators can navigate and manage floor plans with greater ease, contributing to an overall smoother administrative experience. 


Amidst a year brimming with a plethora of new features and thoughtful fixes, the Flexopus team persisted in our dedication to continuous improvement. Always striving to enhance our application, our mission is clear: to lead the forefront of innovation and consistently exceed user expectations.

In 2024, the Flexopus team remains dedicated to pushing boundaries, exploring new possibilities, and delivering an even more powerful and intuitive platform. Thank you for being a part of the Flexopus journey, and here's to another year of innovation and success!

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Markus Merkle
Sales manager