Keep an overview in the office with the Flexopus attendance display

Gina Schumacher

When you set off for the office in the morning, you may remember that you forgot to ask your colleagues whether they will be in the office that day. This is of course particularly annoying if you are planning a meeting with them, need to clarify other matters, or simply want to spend your lunch break together. Or perhaps you are curious about who will be in the office that day and who you will be sitting next to. Use the Flexopus attendance display board to see at a glance who is in the office that day!

What exactly is the attendance display?

The presence board of the desk-sharing solution Flexopus is shown on a smart TV.

The presence board is part of our Display App and is an optional module from Flexopus. The display app can be linked to any smart TV or tablet with kiosk mode in just a few steps. With the Flexopus attendance display, you can view your colleagues' workplace bookings for the current day with profile information. You can easily check the seating arrangements and see who is occupying each workstation. This optional module can be strategically placed in the entrance area of the office to provide a comprehensive overview of the workforce present.

Why is this feature useful?

It's always reassuring to know who is in the office on any given day and allows you to collaborate more effectively with your colleagues. Whether you're planning impromptu meetings or just want to grab a coffee with your favorite colleague during your lunch break, the attendance board facilitates impromptu interactions.

Communication is made much easier if you know in advance that a particular person is working from home. This way, you can contact the person directly via Teams or similar platforms instead of searching for them in the office. With the live schedule feature, you can access a comprehensive map view of occupied workspaces. This not only gives you valuable insights into your colleagues' working hours but also allows you to see who is sitting nearby.

If you have not yet booked a seat for the day, the display can be useful for making well-informed decisions about where to sit. If you want to change your workstation to sit closer to a particular colleague, the system makes it easy to change your desk allocation.

How can I change my workplace?

Flexopus QR Code is shown on a mobile phone screen.

It's really easy! You can change your booking either via the Flexopus app on your smartphone or via the practical Flexopus QR code. Simply go to the free table of your choice and scan the QR code stuck on the table. If it isn't occupied yet, you will be booked in at this workstation immediately after scanning and also automatically checked in if you have activated this function.

Okay, but what if our company has several floors?

No problem, with the Flexopus attendance display you can effortlessly connect multiple floors with just one display. This feature makes it easier for employees to find each other on each floor and allows them to plan their seating arrangements according to their convenience or preferences for collaboration.

If you have any questions about the attendance display, our sales team will be happy to help!

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