Manage flexible workstations with the Flexopus workstation booking system

The Flexopus workplace booking system makes it very easy for companies and their employees to introduce and organize hybrid work models. With Flexopus, make workplace booking more efficient than ever before.

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Flexopus workstation booking system
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Desk sharing with Flexopus

Flexopus makes managing workstations easy, no matter which concept you follow: Flex Office or Hybrid Office

Hybrid office concept

New and hybrid work concepts rely on the dynamic use of space. With the introduction of flexible, permanently assigned and blocked jobs, the first step towards implementation has been taken. The use of a workplace booking system can help and lead to greater resilience in the company.


Workplace booking in just 4 steps

Flexopus allows you to book workstations in just four steps and a few seconds — without nested menus and complex click paths. Workplace reservation and booking has never been so easy and intuitive thanks to visual map navigation.


Group and Access Management

Make your hybrid office as efficient as possible with Flexopus. Prevent incorrect occupancy of workplaces and protect sensitive areas such as HR offices with integrated group management. Access and approval rights can be assigned at building, floor and object level.


Filter by features

Thanks to extensive filter functions directly in the booking process, employees can find exactly the workplace that is tailored to the specific task profile. Simply filter for the desired equipment and find it instead of searching for a long time!


Know who is sitting where at all times

In hybrid teams, it is essential to promote collaboration within the team. The live occupancy plan in Flexopus allows all team members to find out in seconds who is working from home or coming to the office. Inefficient teams messages such as “Are you in the office today?” They are therefore a thing of the past.

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Visual Management of Flexible Workspaces

Visualizing your offices from a bird's eye view enables intuitive booking of flexible workplaces and the implementation of new and hybrid work concepts.

Managing flexible workspaces
Decide which workstations can be booked and store special features.
Assign jobs permanently
Objects and workstations can be permanently assigned to one person, provided that not all participate in the flexible model.
Block workstations temporarily
Workstations can be temporarily excluded from booking, for example in order to achieve safety distances.
Bird's Eye View of Parking Space Booking with Flexopus Parking Software

This is how the workplace booking system works

Flexopus allows you to book workstations in just four easy steps and a few seconds — without nested menus and complex click paths. Workplace reservation and booking has never been so easy and intuitive.

Select date & period

In the second step, the user selects one or more days and the time for booking from the calendar overview. It is also possible to make series bookings.


Select a building

In the third step, the user selects the desired building to book. If there is only one building to choose from, this step is skipped.


Choose a flexible workplace

In the fourth and final step, the user selects a free workplace on the graphically prepared map. Comprehensive filter functions make it easier to search for the workplace with the appropriate equipment.


Flexopus map service & map editor

Lean back, the Flexopus Map Service prepares your maps for you. With Map Builder, existing maps can be redesigned and redesigned in just a few seconds.
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