“Don’t be afraid of desk sharing” — How Flexopus optimizes workflows

Gina Schumacher

Interview with the Head of People & Culture, Stefanie Maamer

A black man is booking a workstation via the Flexopus desk-sharing tool.
Thank you for taking the time. Can you start by describing yourself and your company?

My name is Stefanie Maamer, I work at Banauten GmbH as Head of People & Culture. We are a digital agency that was founded 6 years ago and focuses on implementing social media projects. As far as the working model is concerned, we have a hybrid working model. This means that our employees work both from home and physically in the office.

How long have you been using Flexopus?

We have been using Flexopus since the beginning of 2020.

Why did you decide to integrate a desk-sharing software into your company?

As a digital agency, we are naturally interested in digital tools and always strive to stay at the forefront of new technologies for us and our employees. We wanted tools that would enhance our work efficiency. Flexopus is one such tool for us.

Moreover, our company has grown fast over the past few years — faster than our office space could accommodate. Initially, Flexopus helped us optimize our office presence. Eventually, it highlighted the need for more space. As I mentioned, we operate in a hybrid model, with colleagues working partially from home and partially from the office. We didn’t have dedicated workspaces for everyone for a while, which led to the risk of arriving at the office and not finding a spot.

We also have rotating project teams, and Flexopus enables employees to book seats, facilitating team collaboration. Furthermore, we wanted a streamlined booking system for our meeting rooms and parking spaces, accessible to clients and employees.

What were the main factors in selecting a desk-sharing software provider, and who was involved in the decision-making process?

Usability was a key factor for us; the tool is easy to use and visually appealing. We also considered the administrative effort required and sought simplicity there. Data privacy and security were other significant factors. Finally, cost played a role as well. Our decision-making process involved the management team and the IT department.

Why did you choose Flexopus?

The perfect fit of features, the user-friendly interface, the fact that Flexopus is developed and hosted in Germany, and the price-performance ratio convinced us.

A young man holds up his mobile phone and the desk-sharing app Flexopus is opened.
How long did the integration process take (from contract signing to full utilization), and what challenges did you face during the integration of Flexopus?

I would say; it took about a week to set up and be fully operational. We were among the early users of Flexopus, and initially, not all the present features were available. One of the main challenges was encouraging employees to use Flexopus regularly.

How did you approach change communication?

Initially, when we were a small team with dedicated workspaces for each employee, it wasn’t common for them to book spaces through Flexopus since there were always enough available. As we grew, and not everyone had a dedicated workspace, integrating Flexopus into the workflow became more natural. It’s now part of the onboarding process, and employees are used to using the tool.

How has Flexopus impacted your work methods and productivity?

Primarily, Flexopus benefits our project teams, allowing them to sit together on specific days to simplify coordination. Booking meeting rooms and parking spaces saves us time, enables immediate availability checks, and last-minute bookings are easy to handle.

The pandemic also greatly influenced our usage. We started using Flexopus shortly before the pandemic. When regulations changed daily, we could quickly adapt by limiting the number of available spaces to ensure the safety of our colleagues.

Flexopus - The Workplace Management Solution is depicted on various screens.
How well does the Flexopus software integrate with other tools or systems you use daily?

We use Flexopus with Microsoft integration. That means we can book meeting rooms directly through Outlook when scheduling appointments. Additionally, we use Single Sign-On, which works seamlessly.

Lastly, what recommendations would you give to other companies considering desk-sharing?

We wholeheartedly recommend desk-sharing and encourage other companies to adopt a tool like Flexopus. Especially for companies with a hybrid work model, as Flexopus can save no longer needed office space. It’s also valuable for companies managing multiple meeting rooms. Don’t be afraid of desk sharing; in my opinion, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. A tool like Flexopus aligns perfectly with this principle.

Thank you for your time.
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