Managing conference rooms with the Flexopus room booking system

Flexopus is a booking system for rooms and makes it easy and intuitive to book meeting rooms for collaborative work in just a few steps. With Flexopus, make your room booking more efficient than ever before.

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Flexopus workstation booking system
office administration

Room booking made easy!

Flexopus makes managing rooms easy.

Room booking in 4 steps

Booking meeting and conference rooms with Flexopus is easy and only takes a few moments. Simply select the desired period and location and reserve your room on the map from a bird's eye view.


meeting room displays

Connect your room occupancy plan in Outlook with electronic door signs from Flexopus & easily digitize your office into a smart office. Learn more about the digital signage add-on module and how you can upgrade your office with digital door signs.


Usage & analysis in one app

In addition to operational management and booking of conference rooms and other objects, you can analyze the utilization of your meeting rooms in detail with Flexopus. Future decisions on the design of areas can therefore also be made based on data.

Note for Microsoft customers

Flexopus doesn't want to replace your current workflow when creating reservations or bookings in Microsoft Outlook or Teams! Use Flexopus as an extension to your current room management system. Through the Microsoft Graph API connection to Microsoft Exchange Online, we are expanding users' room management experience with the following modules: digital room occupancy displays, occupancy statistics, Outlook add-in. View the reservation status of workstations and rooms in the same app!


The smart booking system for rooms

Flexopus room management

Flexopus room management

Manage the occupancy and booking of your conference rooms with the Flexopus room booking system.
  • Room booking in the Flexopus app
  • Easy and serial bookings
  • Bookings managed by: Flexopus
  • Utilization analyses
  • Confirmation emails with .ical attachment
  • Flexopus digital signage displays
Microsoft Exchange

Microsoft Exchange Online Integration

Connect Flexopus to Exchange Online for synchronized room booking
  • Room booking in the Flexopus app
  • Room booking in Microsoft Outlook or Teams
  • Bi-directional synchronization through the GraphAPI
  • Bookings managed by: Microsoft Exchange Online
  • Easy and serial bookings
  • Utilization analyses
  • Booking confirmations managed by: microsoft
  • Installing the Flexopus Outlook add-in
  • Compatible with Flexopus Teams integration
  • Flexopus digital signage displays
Microsoft eXchange Online

Synchronized room booking with Microsoft Exchange Online

With Microsoft Exchange integration, rooms managed with Outlook can also be reserved and booked with Flexopus in the future. Thanks to 2-way synchronization, all systems are constantly up to date.

Microsoft Outlook add-in

With add-in to the Outlook room booking system

With the native add-in for Microsoft Outlook, you can extend the email client with the graphical interface and user experience of Flexopus. Easily integrate Flexopus maps and extensive search and filter functions into Outlook.

Microsoft TEAMS

Flexopus on Microsoft Teams

To reduce the complexity of many different tools and to enable users to make bookings from their familiar environment, Flexopus can be easily integrated into Microsoft Teams via an app. Once the app is installed, the Flexopus user interface appears in a separate tab.


Flexopus map service & map editor

Lean back, the Flexopus Map Service prepares your maps for you. With Map Builder, existing maps can be redesigned and redesigned in just a few seconds.
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