Workation: The combination of work and vacation

Gina Schumacher

Workation, an innovative work practice that consists of the words “work” and “vacation,” is becoming increasingly popular in the modern working world. This up-and-coming way of working offers workers the opportunity to combine their professional obligations with a temporary vacation trip. But what exactly is Workation and how does it influence the way we work and live?

What is Workation?

Workers have the opportunity to combine their professional obligations with a temporary vacation trip - in other words a working vacation. This allows them to work from various locations, whether on the beach, in the mountains, or in another city, while also pursuing their personal interests and hobbies. A Workation offers flexibility, inspiration, and the chance to gain new experiences while staying productive. Many companies also organise joint Workations abroad for their employees in order to to strengthen team spirit and to promote collaboration.

The benefits of Workation

Flexibility and freedom

One of the main motivations for Workation is undoubtedly the flexibility it offers. By allowing workers to take their work with them and do it from anywhere, they have the freedom to design their work environment as they wish. Whether on the beach, in the mountains or in an exciting metropolis — the options are almost endless. This flexibility can not only increase creativity and motivation, but also contribute to achieving a good work-life balance.

New experiences and intercultural exchange

Another key advantage of Workation is the opportunity to gain new experiences and get to know other cultures. By working in different locations, employees have the opportunity to dive into different communities, meet new people and expand their personal and professional network. These intercultural experiences can not only be personally enriching, but also promote professional development by leading to new perspectives, ideas and opportunities for cooperation.

Companies also benefit

It is important to stress that Workation is not only suitable for freelance or self-employed workers, but also for employees in companies. More and more companies are recognizing the benefits of Workation and are offering their employees the opportunity to work from remote locations at times. By using digital technologies and creating flexible working models companies can benefit from Workation by increasing employee motivation, promoting engagement and strengthening employee loyalty at the same time.

Challenges and solutions

A woman is sitting with her laptop by the pool during her workation.

Despite the many benefits of Workation, there are also some challenges that should be considered. An appropriate work environment and reliable internet connections are crucial to ensure effective working conditions. It also requires good self-organization and time management skills to balance work requirements with vacation activities. Clear communication with colleagues and supervisors about availability and working hours is also important to avoid misunderstandings.

Workation insurance

Health insurance is mandatory in most countries. Employees are normally covered by social security through their employer. If you work abroad, you should ensure that your health insurance is also valid there. Liability insurance is recommended, as is travel insurance for the period of your Workation.

Workation taxes

Employees are subject to local tax obligations worldwide. If you work abroad during a job, you may have to pay taxes both abroad and in your home country. It is important to comply with the regulations for taxes on income abroad and, if necessary, seek advice from a tax expert.

Workation social security

If you go abroad as an employee to work, you will normally remain covered by social security in your home country. This is especially true if work is limited in time and you continue to live in your home country. Find out about the applicable regulations and check with your employer whether you need an A1 certificate to pay your social security contributions correctly.

Workation A1 certificate

The A1 certificate confirms that you have social insurance in your European home country and are working abroad temporarily. It is important to ensure that your social security contributions are paid correctly and that you are covered in the event of an accident or illness. Your employer should request an A1 certificate for your work from your responsible social security institution.

Workation at Flexopus — the innovative workplace booking software

A particularly attractive facet of Workation is the opportunity to invite the entire workforce of a company to a joint working vacation trip. Flexopus, a leading provider of workplace and resource booking solutions, for example, organizes an annual workshop in sunny locations for his entire team. This opportunity not only promotes team spirit and collaboration, but also enables employees to work in a relaxed environment and find new inspiration.

Conclusion: Workation as a new work reality

Workation is undoubtedly an innovative work practice that makes it possible to combine the benefits of work and vacation. It offers flexibility, inspiration, and new experiences. By using digital technologies and promoting a positive work culture, companies can use Workation as a means of increasing employee satisfaction and productivity. Workation also offers employees the opportunity to move their workplace to attractive locations and at the same time pursue their personal interests.

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