Room occupancy displays for conference room bookings

The Flexopus Digital Signage Add-On allows you to operate electronic door signs as a display for occupying the rooms in your conference rooms. In addition to displaying bookings for conference rooms, this also enables ad hoc bookings for meeting rooms via kiosk systems.

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Flexopus workstation booking system
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Flexopus empfiehlt die Nutzung von ProDVX APPC-10SLBe Displays. Die Türschilder haben eine offizielle Google GMS Zertifizierung, damit die Software direkt über den PlayStore installiert werden kann. Der 360-Grad-RGB-LED-Rahmen kann direkt mit der Flexopus Display Connect Anwendung angesteuert werden.


Conference room booking display

On your electronic door signs, you can see the current reservations and the available time slots. Infinite scrolling on the right side of the screen helps you navigate quickly. The occupancy status is shown in color: GREEN when vacant, ORANGE when booking starts in 10 minutes, RED when busy.

office administration

Flexopus door signs

Book meeting rooms on site with Flexopus.

Konferenzraum Buchungsanzeige

Auf Ihren elektronischen Türschildern sehen Sie die aktuellen Reservierungen und die verfügbaren Zeitfenster. Das Infinite-Scrollen auf der rechten Seite des Bildschirms hilft Ihnen, schnell durchzunavigieren. Der Belegungsstatus wird farblich dargestellt: GRÜN bei frei, ORANGE bei Buchung startet in 10 Minuten, ROT bei belegt.


Ad-hoc bookings on site

You can also make ad hoc bookings for a meeting room on site without a personal login and delete them from the display. Spontaneous bookings are thus even more flexible and ensure optimum utilization of meeting rooms.

detailed view

Calendar and list view

Open the room calendar on the local electronic door sign using the integrated calendar view or the list view. The reservations are anonymized, only the name of the host and the period of the reservation are visible.


Easy configuration process

The display is part of our all-in-one software. Generate a PIN in the Flexopus admin dashboard and connect the door sign in just a few seconds. As an administrator, you can add and remove devices from any of your rooms at any time.

Protecting sensitive data

Data protection and privacy

Protecting your data is important to us, which is why Flexopus takes full account of your compliance and privacy policies. For example, the title and participants of a meeting are deliberately not displayed on the room occupancy displays and confidential or personal data remains private.

Flexopus TIP

Microsoft Teams app

To avoid the complexity of having too many different tools and to enable users to make bookings from their familiar environment, Flexopus is also easy to integrate with Microsoft Teams.
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Microsoft Graph API

Bi-directional synchronization

With the Microsoft Exchange Online interface, resources and reservations remain with Microsoft. Flexopus synchronizes bookings bidirectionally and in real time through Microsoft Graph API. Reservations can be made simultaneously using Outlook and Flexopus applications. Conflicts and duplicate bookings are excluded.

Microsoft Outlook bookings

Electronic door signs & Outlook

Continue to book the meeting rooms with Microsoft Outlook or Microsoft Teams as usual. Flexopus synchronizes Microsoft bookings through the MS Graph interface and displays the bookings in real time on the room occupancy displays!

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Use any tablet

The Flexopus digital signage application can be accessed as a PWA on any of your browser-enabled tablets. You can test the installation on a 7” - 10” tablet in landscape mode - regardless of whether you have a Windows, Android or iOS tablet. Supported browsers: Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

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