Desk sharing in public administration: making mobile working possible in the public sector

Gina Schumacher

In an increasingly flexible working environment, the concept of hybrid work is becoming increasingly important — even in the public sector, this concept has now arrived. However, the modern working environment in public administration often leads to challenges. But there are ways to flexibly switch between office work and working from home, even in the public sector, while using resources efficiently.

Learn how the hybrid working model can be implemented in public administration and how desk sharing platforms such as Flexopus offer a tailor-made solution to meet the specific requirements of this area.

Why does desk sharing make sense in public administration?

Homeoffice in der öffentlichen Verwaltung

The way public administration works is increasingly changing, which entails both opportunities and challenges. The traditional presence culture is giving way to a more flexible way of working, which allows public sector employees to commute between the office and working from home.

In spite of the challenges, hybrid work models offer numerous benefits, including a better reconciliation of work and private life, increased productivity and increased employee satisfaction. By actively shaping these changes and taking the right measures in a timely manner, you can effectively adapt the hybrid way of working to the requirements of public administration and take full advantage of its benefits.

But how do you organise a team that works from a wide variety of locations? Because there is no doubt that this new model requires a fundamental change in work processes and an adjustment of the technical infrastructure in order to ensure seamless communication and collaboration. In addition, managers must develop new management approaches to effectively lead and support employees even at a distance.

But all of this is easier than you think — thanks to innovative desk sharing solutions such as Flexopus, which play a decisive role in efficient and successful implementation of hybrid working models.

Desk sharing platforms offer a central point of contact for managing workplace resources: They make it possible to reserve, manage and optimise workplaces, parking spaces and meeting rooms in the office. With the intuitive user interface, your employees can easily book their workplace for the desired day and time, which significantly reduces organisational effort. This allows you to see transparently who is working where and when.

What should be considered when introducing desk sharing in public administration?

Desk-Sharing in der öffentlichen Verwaltung

When introducing desk sharing in public service, there are several aspects to consider in order to ensure a smooth transition and promote employee satisfaction.

When implementing, pay attention to the following aspects:

  • Communication with employees:
    Communicate the change to your teams in good time and transparently. Show the reasons for introducing desk sharing and explain the benefits for employees. Through open change communication you can resolve potential concerns and questions at an early stage and avoid dissatisfaction within your team.
  • Appropriate planning:
    Thorough planning is crucial for the successful implementation of desk sharing. This planning includes identifying the requirements and needs of employees, evaluating available resources and jobs, defining guidelines for the use of workstations, distributing access rights and roles, and implementing a suitable timetable for the changeover.
  • Train your team:
    Prepare your employees carefully for the adjustments and offer training on how to use the desk sharing tool. This eliminates uncertainties and simplifies the booking of workstations, compliance with guidelines and efficient use of the platform. Through the training, you will also show your team what benefits desk sharing will have in their everyday work.
  • Choosing an appropriate desk sharing tool:
    Of course selecting the right desk sharing software is crucial for success. The tool should be user-friendly, reliable and adapted to the specific requirements of public administration — ensuring compliance with various regulations such as accessibility and data protection.

Flexopus: The ideal desk sharing solution for public administration

A desk sharing solution that takes into account all the special features of public administration is Flexopus. Thanks to many years of experience and a special focus on the needs of the public sector, this platform offers a tailor-made solution for your requirements.

Flexopus has already successfully supported a large number of customers from the municipal sector with the introduction of desk sharing. From involving committees to concluding EVB-IT contracts, Flexopus has been carefully designed to meet the specific challenges of public administration.

Data protection is a top priority

The fact that Flexopus is the ideal solution for the public sector is particularly evident when it comes to the security of sensitive data. With a focus on data protection, Flexopus offers a range of features that meet the specific needs of the public sector:

  • The data is stored in highly secure, ISO 27001 certified data centers in Germany, which ensures strict compliance with data protection regulations and maximum security. In addition, the Flexopus application itself is ISO 27001 certified. Thanks to GDPR compliance and regular employee training in data protection and data security, Flexopus meets all the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation.
  • Flexopus uses “privacy by default” and “privacy by design” — proven best practices in data protection. One important aspect is the anonymisation of data, which you can individually configure thanks to Flexopus. This means, among other things, that personal data is anonymised after a certain period of time in order to protect the privacy of those involved. In addition, users can decide for themselves whether their real names are displayed or not.
  • Internal and external audits and regular automated service reviews ensure that the highest safety standards are met at all times. Regular release updates are constantly improving the functionality of the desk sharing solution and increasing security. With Flexopus, you can rest assured that your data is in safe hands.

Accessibility guaranteed

Flexopus is also designed to provide a barrier-free experience for all users. The desk sharing platform complies with the guidelines of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) and the Accessibility Information Technology Regulation (BITV) to ensure that it is accessible to all people — regardless of their individual needs and restrictions. Flexopus guarantees an inclusive environment in which each of your team members can work effectively and without barriers.

Conclusion on desk sharing in public administration

Desk sharing is proving to be an innovative solution for efficiently using resources in the public sector and enabling flexible working models. By implementing desk sharing platforms such as Flexopus, you can overcome the challenges of hybrid work by allowing your employees to switch flexibly yet transparently between office and a work-from-home environment.

In this way, desk sharing solutions help to increase productivity while promoting a better work-life balance — without ignoring the requirements of public administration. With careful planning, training your teams, and choosing the right technology, you can take full advantage of desk sharing even in the public sector and create a modern and efficient work environment.

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